Association of Zimbabwe Travel Agents

About AZTA

AZTA was formed over 60 years ago by a group of travel agents with the intent of joining forces to become one voice to suppliers and authorities, thereby ensuring it would be represented and respected as an industry player. AZTA has grown to a membership of 55 throughout Zimbabwe and is registered with the following associations:

IATA – International Air Transport Authority

Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerland. IATA represents all registered airlines throughout the world and liaises closely with UFTAA. To be accredited by IATA, travel agents have to submit bank guarantees, have IATA trained staff, have secure offices and be easily accessible to the traveling public.

UFTAA – United Federation of Travel Agents’ Associations

Headquarters: Nice, France. UFTAA represent all registered travel agents throughout the world and liaise closely with IATA.

FESATA – Federation of Eastern and Southern African Travel Agents

This Association comprises 18 countries in the region, which come together at least twice per annum to discuss matters of common interest.

ZCT – Zimbabwe Council for Tourism

Headquarters: Harare, Zimbabwe. This Council comprises all the private sectors of the Tourism Industry of which AZTA is a member. ZCT liaise very closely with ZTA.

ZTA – Zimbabwe Tourist Authority

Headquarters, Harare, Zimbabwe. This is the Government arm of Environment and Tourism and liaises closely with ZCT.

AZTA has a constitution with a code of conduct to ensure that integrity is not compromised and a high standard of service is delivered with consistency and commitment to the valued traveller.As you can appreciate AZTA’s members are highly qualified to take care of all travel needs, and with all the above associations the general public should feel confident that they are dealing with professional, efficient and financially stable organizations.

All the members listed below are fully paid up and registered with AZTA. The public has the right to be shown the current AZTA certificate, which should be on display. If this certificate is not, then the AZTA secretariat should be contacted to ascertain whether the particular travel agent is a bona fide member of AZTA before any business is undertaken. Thank you for strolling through our web page. Please keep us in mind as this page will be updated as an ongoing service to the general travelling public.

Happy traveling!

The AZTA E-Library

The AZTA E-Library contains all document with all the important information you need to know about AZTA and our members. Feel free to view and download these documents.

Application Forms

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Ten Laws of Air Travel

Know the laws of Air Travel


Categories for the Annual AZTA Awards

Awards Categories


Recommended Service Fees

Service fees



Know the constitution at AZTA


What is APJC

Know more about APJC


Code of Ethics

Our fair Code of Ethics at AZTA


AZTA Work Plan

The work plan at AZTA


Our Services and Objectives

AZTA has a constitution with a code of conduct to ensure that integrity is not compromised and a high standard of service is delivered with consistency and commitment to the valued traveller.

The Objectives of AZTA

  • To further and secure the interests of AZTA and its Members
  • To reflect the consensus of its Members and present their views to all sectors of the public, the Government and the business community
  • To act on behalf of its Members in deliberations and negoitiations with other sectors of the Travel Industry
  • To continually assess and evaluate the needs of its Members with a view to providing them with meaningful services and benefits
  • To consider and promote the highest standards of professionalism and ethics to its Members in their dealing with the public and each other
  • To promote systematic training within all sectors of the Travel Industry falling within the scope of AZTA
  • To consider all legislation affecting or likely to affect the Travel Industry and to take such action as considered to be in the interests of its Members
  • To play an active role in the International community of travel agents and Travel Agent Associations
  • To continually make the consumer aware of the brand AZTA and the value of using Member
  • To develop the Travel Industry as an attractive career opportunity
  • To promote transformation amongst our Members and in the Industry
  • To promote the benefits of travel to all sectors of the public, the Government and the business community

Why use an AZTA member?

The best value for money

An AZTA Member will tell you about all the available choicces, special promotions and advise on the quality and value of a particular product.

Maximum choice

You will be given a wide variety of travel options and quotes from competing travel suppliers


An AZTA Member will source all aspects of your trip, including air tickets, accommodation, car rental and more.

Customer advocate

If you experience a problem on your trip an AZTA Member will act on your behalf to put it right

Expert guidance

AZTA Professional Travel Consultants use their extensive knowledge and experience to create, sell and manage various travel related products to the corporate and SME market, as well as the travelling public.

Personalised service

AZTA Members understand what you want and understand the extent that the products can deliver. You won’t be dealing with some impersonal voice on the end of the phone but someone who is determined to deliver value.

Professional advice

All AZTA accredited travel agencies and travel Professionals have the experience, training and knowledge to ensure that in every instance you get the best travel package, at the right price.

Timing savings

All the information is at the AZTA Members fingertips and can be sourced in seconds.


AZTA Members are a local business in your area, not an annonymous website. You know how to reach us and who we are.


Unbiased information. We work for you, the consumer, not for the airline or any other travel supplier. Our only objective is to get you the best value and a level of service that ensures that you will come back and see us again.

Members of AZTA

Listed below are all the Full, Developmental and Associate Members of AZTA

Full Members

  • Comprehensive Travel
  • Ecological Safaris
  • Elgrass Travel
  • Funo Safaris
  • Galaxy Travel
  • Genesis Travel
  • Harvey World Travel
  • Hungwe Travel
  • Love For Africa
  • Nyati Travel
  • Octopus Travel
  • Pearlsard Travel
  • Phileas Fogg
  • Premier Travel

Full Members

  • Rennies Travel
  • Savannah Travel
  • Sontine Travel
  • Southern Africa Touring Services
  • Star Travel
  • Tour Africa Travel
  • Travel 2000
  • Travel House
  • Travel International
  • Travel Network
  • Viclad
  • Vintage Travel & Tours
  • Wings Travel
  • Zilala Travel

Developmental Members

  • Antelope Park
  • Bonga Travel & Tours
  • Experince Afrika Safaris
  • Kings Travel & Tours
  • Parrot Travel
  • Perenial Travel Experts
  • Premier Holidays & Destination Management
  • Travel Afrika

Developmental Members

  • Premdest
  • World Class Travel
  • Right Turn Travel
  • One Sky Travel
  • Arena Travel
  • Skylark Travel & Tours

Associate Members

  • Africa Albida Tourism
  • Amadeus
  • RTG
  • Travelport
  • Wild Horizons
  • Wilderness Safaris
  • S.A.H.T.C Hospitality School

Our Annual Awards Gallery

Every year we hold our Annual AZTA Awards ceremony within Harare. Each Year we focus on a different theme for the event, also asking the people attending to dress up accordingly. This is a great way for everyone to let their hair down and have some fun, but also to reward different airlines, lodges, agents and companies with a certificate for their great service, as voted by the Zimbabwe Travel industry.

2010 Awards - Theme: "Christmas in September"

2012 Awards - Theme: "Live, Love, Think Green"

2013 Awards - Theme: "Arabian Nights"

2015 Awards - Theme: "The Vintage Picnic"

2016 Awards - Theme: "Zimbabwe... And All That Jazz"

How to join AZTA

You can choose between Full, Developmental or Associate Membership

Please download and fill out the Application Form

Full Membership

  1. Copy of ZTA Certificate
  2. Must be an IATA Accredited Travel Agent
  3. Copies of Certificate of Incorporation, CR14, Memorandum and Articles of Association
  4. Tax Clearance
  5. Schedule of staff, detailing the following:
    • Full Name
    • Date of joining company
    • Previous experience in travel (dates and names of previous employers)
    • IATA or other recognized qualifications
    • BSP Accreditation
  6. Copy of company latest annual returns
  7. Originals of your company letterheads, compliment slips and business cards
  8. Copy of your current Bank Statement
  9. Copy of proof of residence
  10. Copy of IDs
  11. Copies of your employees' certificates

Full Membership cont...

  1. Copy of proof of residence
  2. Copy of IDs
  3. Copies of your employees' certificates
  4. Secure Safe (medium size bolted to the floor or wall)
  5. City of Harare Health Certificate
  6. Premises to be inspected

Developmental Membership

  1. Copy of current ZTA Certificate
  2. Copies of Certificate of Incorporation, CR 14, Memorandum and Articles of Association
  3. Schedule of staff
  4. A time limit of 6 months for staff to acquire minimum qualifications
  5. Ticketing Agent and Reservation System must be disclosed; through the Developmental Member a meeting must be set up between the Ticketing Agent and Reservation System to sign an agreement
  6. Signage

Developmental Membership cont...

  1. Tax Clearance
  2. Originals of your company letterheads, compliment slips and business cards
  3. Copy of your current Bank Statement
  4. Copy of proof of residence
  5. Copy of IDs
  6. Copies of your employees' certificates
  7. Secure Safe (medium size bolted to the floor or wall)
  8. City of Harare Health Certificate
  9. Premises to be inspected

Associate Membership

  1. Copy of current Trading License
  2. Copies of Certificate of Incorporation, CR14, Memorandum and Articles of Association

Fraudulent use of tha A.Z.T.A logo

The Association of Zimbabwe Travel Agents (AZTA) warns travelers to beware of unscrupulous Travel Agencies and/or agents who claim to be AZTA members and are not. Travel agents who do so are intentionally misleading their clients by trying to elevate their business credibility and status. AZTA members adhere to a Code of Conduct that governs the way the members deal with their customers, suppliers and each other. In giving the best possible service, AZTA members not only maintain their own good standing and the association’s but also to the industry as a whole. This assures the customers and suppliers have the assurance of the best quality of service at all times. It is advisable to always use an AZTA-affiliated company for competent service and peace of mind when traveling.

To the Travel Agents

The unauthorized use of the AZTA logo by agents is fraudulent. Unauthorized use of the AZTA logo may lead to legal action being taken against the agent. If in doubt as to whether you are an AZTA member, check that you have paid your annual subscription fee. If you have not, then please remove the AZTA logo from your stationery both online and physical immediately. Once you have been reinstated as a member upon subscription payment, then you may put the logo back on. If you are interested in becoming a member – the application form is on the AZTA website. We welcome new members and will assist wherever possible.

Unsecured credit to customers putting agencies in a difficult position

Would you advance unsecured credit to your clients for over 30 days, as a deal to get their business, without any guarantees? So why is it becoming quite common that travel agencies are being asked to do it by customers? It is now an increasing trend that travel agencies are not being paid by the agreed date and agents face difficulties procuring payment at all in some cases. In every other retail outlet it is cash up front, but not in the travel industry? Travel agencies worldwide have to provide a guarantee with IATA (International Air Transport Association) which is calculated on a set of financial criteria. The guarantee is based on cash sales in each business. This makes cash inaccessible and shows as a liability on the financial statement. If a travel agency defaults on any of their payments to the airlines, IATA offsets their guarantee to recover the amount owing. No one secures a credit facility from the airlines direct; they have to pay cash up front when they purchase an air ticket. There is a vast financial burden placed on agencies, mainly when it is expected that agencies should do it for free, especially when the customer expects the agent to be available for them at any hour. Agencies are expected to continually invest in training their staff and have the latest in technology to provide their passengers with an efficient booking process and account management. Compare the cost of the professional service fee charged to the cost of the transaction and the hours spent of the reservation, it is unreasonable then, for a customer to expect interest free credit facilities for them.

Selecing a Travel Agent

Clients who use an AZTA travel agent desire an in-depth, personal approach and want the advice and expertise of a professional.

This is why an AZTA Travel agent:

  • Distills product information to provide their clients with the most competitive options;
  • Stays abreast of the most current and timely promotions;
  • Clarifies the fine print, such as cancellation penalties and restrictions; Makes recommendations on travel-related options;
  • Simplifies the research and subsequent transaction;
  • Enhances the trip with value-added benefits and amenities; Uses their experience to obtain the best possible arrangements in seemingly impossible situations; and Gets problems resolved.

How do I choose a travel agent that’s right for me?

Every travel agency is different and accordingly, some are better suited to a given consumer than others. Here are some tips on choosing a travel agent who is right for you.

Go with the Pros: Look for the AZTA label.

Through its continuing education and training programs, AZTA prepares its members to operate high-caliber, competitive businesses.

Ask Around:

Tap friends, neighbors and relatives who use an agent they trust. You may want to visit or call several agencies to find the one that best suits your needs. Consider everything from the appearance of the office to the agent’s willingness to listen and answer questions. The best agents want to establish a long-term relationship with a client, not just make one sale.

Check Credentials:

Many agents have been trained in business management, travel and tourism or geography. Others have supplemented their agency experience with extensive education and training courses.